About Ian Jones Design Build

Ian Jones Design Build LLC is a small owner operated general construction firm located in north west area of Seattle, WA.  Ian started dabbling in construction at a young age and helped out around the house finishing projects that never got completed.  Some siding here, some drywall there, a little painting.  He got his first job in construction working as a painter in 1988.  He trained under the supervision of master painters and when he moved to Seattle in 1990 to attend University of Washington.  While in School, Ian started painting houses to make ends meet.  He started his first company and painting houses quickly turned into small remodeling projects, including designing and building cabinets, remodeling basements, kitchens and bathrooms. 


About this time, Ian also started composing and performing music in the Seattle area and this quickly became his passion.  He moved from Seattle to Santa Barbara in 1997 to chase his music dream. While in Santa Barbara he served as a coatings specialist and learned the craft of acrylic cements and waterproofing.  Adding this to his resume, he branched out and started remodeling homes in Santa Barbara.  This brief venture was interrupted by a move to Los Angeles where he continued to perform and record his music.  While in Los Angeles, Ian worked in Beverly Hills working exclusively for one family remodeling their home, between tours.


Ian moved back to Seattle in 2003 and started Ian Jones Design, painting and remodeling homes in the Seattle area.  In 2013 he re-organized and renamed the business Ian Jones Design Build LLC and focused on interior remodeling, moving away from larger jobs and focusing on kitchens, bathrooms and basement renovations.


Ian makes his home in the Ballard neighborhood and works in and around the greater Seattle area.